Grand Caillou Middle

Classroom Expectations & Consequences

       Classroom Expectations                                      

Prepare Daily

  • Bring all needed materials every single day
  • Observe the days lesson(s) & write down assignments
  • Begin the class starter
  • Follow all dress code regulations

Accept Responsibility

  • Only take what is yours unless permission is given
  • Be part of the solution
  • Assist peers in a positive way
  • Practice saying good things about others

Work for Excellence

  • Review class materials nightly
  • Focus on your learning
  • Stay alert & on task
  • Engage - Be a part of the class/Ask questions/Share ideas

Show Respect

  • Speak softly & calmly
  • Keep private matters private
  • Recognize that considerations may be made for others for a reason
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated



1st Offense: Warning and redirection

2nd Offense: Conduct lowered and redirection

3rd Offense: When conduct reaches a C, hold a student/teacher conference     and make home contact.

4th Offense: When conduct reaches a D, hold a student/teacher conference     and make home contact.

5th Offense: When conduct reaches an F, the teacher will write a discipline   office referral and include documentation of home contacts. 


The teacher will write a discipline office referral for any serious offense.